Lower Taxes

Cutting taxes and putting more money back in the pockets of individuals and small businesses has been one of Paul Newton’s top priorities. That’s why he voted to lower the individual and corporate tax rates and made the first $25,500 of income tax free.

Better Schools

We must offer excellent education choices to our citizens – public, private, and home education. Our public school teachers feel undervalued and under-resourced, and we must respect them for the professionals they are. They have an enormous impact on our children’s and our communities’ well-being. The success of our communities depends on achieving excellence in our public schools.  If we get this right, North Carolina can become the first choice of every public school teacher in America.

Smaller Government

We have too many government regulations infringing on the free market. Raleigh doesn’t know best. Moreover, local cities and counties are closest to their communities and we should respect their governance.

Protect the 2nd Amendment

Our constitution is clear. Citizens have the right to bear arms. That right is not the root cause of the atrocities we’ve too often seen across the country. We need an honest conversation about the true root causes of these crimes and build our solutions around these causes, not by infringing on law-abiding citizens.

Stronger Families

Life starts at conception and our laws should protect the sanctity of life. In addition, parental rights are fundamental and should not be usurped by government. Stronger families lead to stronger communities, so any new legislation should be judged by its impact on everyday families.

Create Jobs

Leading the state’s largest private economic development enterprise, I learned the impact of excessive taxes and regulations. I saw ways state government can foster job growth or kill it. This type of private sector experience is missing from our halls of government. I will work with community economic development leaders to ensure our community fosters job growth — from new businesses as well as existing local job providers.